Wednesday, October 31, 2012

He went on vacation, he found love FOREVER HERS (book 5), #Fitzgerald, #ednahwalters,

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Closing the door and softly turning the lock, he froze at the tell-tale sound of a gun cocking. Then a glaring light filled the foyer. Not the overhead light. The intensity indicated it was a flashlight.
“Drop the bag, open the door and get the hell out of my house before I start shooting,” a female ordered.
Eddie hands shot up. “Ma’am—”
“Don’t ma’am me, you son of a bitch. Open the goddamn door and get moving.”
The voice was smoky and low with an eastern lilt. It stroked his senses, the effect on him unexpected. He bit off a curse. Hadn’t his cousin said the woman was about sixty years old? Either he now had a thing for cougars or he liked being subjugated by a gun-wielding woman, which was unlikely. He wasn’t into bondage.
“My name is Eddie Fitzgerald. Baron, the owner of this house, is my cousin.”
She scoffed. “If you think dropping the Fitzgerald name is going to convince me of anything, think again.”
“I used a key to get inside the house,” Eddie ground out through clenched teeth, letting the keys dangle on his forefinger. “Where could I have gotten it unless they were given to me by the owners of this house?”
“Show me an ID or I’m shooting.”
Eddie relaxed. People who threatened to shoot most often weren’t shooters.

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