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Goodreads Thursday | Playing Doctor by Jan Meredith

Author: Jan Meredith
Imprint: Flaunt
Genre: Contemporary Erotica Romance
Length: 35,000 Words
Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Released: Nov. 25, 2013


When a fellow RN jokingly predicts that Beth Roberts will meet a tall, ripped and totally lick-o-licious stranger who will fulfill her deepest desires, it’s supposed to be from across a crowded room, not giving CPR to a wedding guest. Given her tragic love life, Beth has no desire to become involved again, but who could have predicted the ponytailed doctor with the mischievous smile would break through her defenses?

Dr. Gabriel North blamed himself for his wife’s death. Now, after two years of battling guilt and meaningless hookups, he’s ready to move on. When he sees the sexy brunette at his friend’s wedding, his attraction is swift and strong, and he wastes no time in pressing his advantage. One night with the woman who makes him feel alive again isn’t enough, but gaining her trust is going to take more than medical school has prepared him for.


“Thank you for the drink.” She picked up the glass, took a cautious sip.

“Water and lemon. I didn’t know your preference, and it seemed the safest choice.”

Beth watched as he lifted his glass to his mouth and drank deeply. She swallowed as if the cool liquid was sluicing down her own suddenly parched throat and wondered how the simple act of water sliding past his lips could appear so erotic. And the way he licked it from his lips—not a regular old dart-and-swish, mind you, but a leisurely swipe of his tongue, and she could almost feel the rasp of it along the seam of her…

Heat, dark and rich, infused her sex. She shifted in her chair and tipped her hips down in an attempt to relieve the ache building there, only to find it heightened the sensation.

“It’s not very comfortable, is it?”

Blinking, Beth watched Gabe’s mouth curl into a slight smile. When she looked up, a glint of amused hunger brightened his eyes.

He knows. He knows what he’s doing to me. How freaking embarrassing! And how incredibly hot.

She cleared her throat. “I’m sorry?” Was that her voice, all breathy and sultry?

He paused, studied her for a moment, and then said, “The chair…it’s not very comfortable.”

Relief washed over her, quickly followed by a touch of disappointment. Had she misread him? “No, no it isn’t.” To prove it, Beth shifted again and crossed her legs. She groaned inwardly when the change of position rubbed her thighs and the needy territory between them together, intensifying her little problem.

“Sometimes,” Gabe started thoughtfully, turning his glass in small half circles on the tabletop and drawing her attention there. His broad thumb streaked the condensation on the glass and then paused to slowly circle one small area. Beth scrunched down a little and squeezed her thighs together. “Sometimes, you have to find just the right…spot.”


“Yes, well,” Beth clamped her fingers around her glass. Her toes curled inside her shoes. She shifted slightly, dragging her gaze up from the motion of his thumb on the glass. Warm, observant eyes looked back at her, full of promise and possibilities. Well. Maybe she hadn’t misread him after all. “Fortunately, I won’t be sitting on it for long.”

“Fortunately,” he agreed solemnly.

About the Author
Jan Meredith has been a romance junkie since her teens. When she isn't penning steamy stories about strong-willed, independent women and the sexy men who love them, she works as an Infusion Therapy nurse. She lives near Mammoth Cave, KY with her husband (and former high school sweet heart) Tommy.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NOW AVAILABLE: Surrender to Temptation by @ednahwalters #NewRelease #TheFitzgeralds #AmReading #ebook

SURRENDER TO TEMPTATION, book 6 of the Fitzgerald Family series is now available wherever e-books are sold and in print on Amazon.

If you love contemporary romance, familial drama, love, and loyalties, a series that will make you laugh, cry, and then wish for more, this series is for you.

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ONLY 1.99 SLOW BURN is now $0.00
A playboy in hiding
A woman searching for answers
Will he let her in or send her packing?

After a tragic accident, Chef Chase Fitzgerald left his life in Los Angeles behind and moved to a ranch in Montana. He's convinced that all he needs to be happy are his horses, a few ranch hands and the Big Sky Country. Until one day, Nikki Savoy walks through his doors with her city clothes, sexy mouth, and a body designed to drive a man insane.

Nikki wants to know the truth about the accident that left her sister in a coma. Getting a job at Chase’s ranch is just the beginning. Throw in a crafty housekeeper, a cantankerous old cowboy, a few adorable horses, and an attraction that can’t be denied, and you have a recipe for disaster or romance. Will Nikki get her answers or will Chase offer her something better?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Surrender to Chase Tomorrow! #SurrenderToTemptation #TheFitzgeraldFamily

Coming Tomorrow ~ November 26th
Surrender To Temptation
The Fitzgerald Family #6

He pulled toward the wall of the gazebo and pinned 
her to it.  His knee pushed hers apart, and
she moved closer, riding his thigh.
His breath caught and held.
Hell and damnation, he could feel her heat.
It seared through their clothing and singed his skin.
The muscles on his body tensed painfully.
He imagined burying
himself inside her moist interior,
taking her hard, fast and furious,
her muscles squeezing and caressing him,
the moans of her passion filling
his ears until he gave them release.
Pre-order Surrender To Temptation Here!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

"...I want" ~ Chase - 2 DAYS! #SurrenderToTemptation #TheFitzgeraldFamily

Coming November 26th
Surrender To Temptation
The Fitzgerald Family #6

" asked me what I wanted." He reached up and
ran his knuckles across her high cheekbone.

She blinked.  "Oh. I wasn't sure you heard that."

"I did, and I'm giving you the answer now, so you
know where I stand."

He ran a finger to her chin. "I want you."

She blinked. "Chase-"

He cut her off by pressing a finger to her lips.  They were
soft, lush.  Slowly, he ran his thumb across her lower lip,
and his body hardened. "And I know you want me. The
question is when are we going to do something about it?"

She chuckled. "You're very sure of yourself."

At least she didn't deny it.

"Most of the time, especially when
it comes to something I want."
Pre-order Here!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Turn up the heat with Chase in 3 DAYS! #SurrenderToTemptation #TheFitzgeraldFamily

Coming November 26th
Surrender To Temptation
The Fitzgerald Family #6

"I can handle anything..."

He pressed a thumb to her lips.  "Can you handle this?"

He replaced his thumb with his lips, nipped her lower lip, and soothed it with his tongue when she gasped.

They moved from warm to blazing hot in the fraction of a second.  She didn't hold back and neither did he.  He gripped her shoulders and pulled her body up and against his, his arousal pulsating and demanding to be released.

Paperback Available for Pre-order!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Swoon over Chase in 4 DAYS! #SurrenderToTemptation #TheFitzgeraldFamily

Coming November 26th
Surrender To Temptation
The Fitzgerald Family #6

He glanced over his shoulder
before opening it and caught Nikki
checking him out. He didn't mind.

"Enjoying the view?" he teased.

She flashed a challenging smile.
"I haven't decided yet."

Chase laughed.
He liked that
smart mouth of hers,
liked that she wasn't
afraid to speak her mind.
Bold and honest?
Would she be like that in bed?

Paperback Available for Pre-order!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hold Chase in 5 DAYS! #SurrenderToTemptation #TheFitzgeraldFamily

Coming November 26th
Surrender To Temptation
The Fitzgerald Family #6

"What happened to bring this on?" he whispered.
She stroked his cheek. "Can't I rip your clothes off whenever I want?"
"Any time. As long as you understand I'm allowed to do the same."
"Deal." She kissed him deeply.  "Just so you know, watching you work magic with your fingers in the kitchen is the greatest turn-on."
"Oh yeah. Crap, the bread."
"Screw the bread." He gripped her hips and rocked his hips. 

Paperback Available for Pre-order!

Goodreads Thursday | Cooking Up Love by Gemma Brocato

Title: Cooking Up Love
Author: Gemma Brocato
Series: A Five Senses Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 290 Pages
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Cover Artist: Renee Rocco


Jack Kerrigan considered Caro a surrogate mother and hates the idea that the cafĂ© could be sold. He doesn’t need the remodeling project, but if it means Caro’s beautiful, fascinating niece will stay to run the restaurant, he’s all in. He wouldn’t mind being savory to Jem’s sweet.

Jack’s brassy ex-wife is cooking up a scheme of her own, where Jack tosses Jem like a salad and comes back to her. Fold in a creepy attorney hiding secrets of environmental mayhem, add Jem’s claustrophobia, half-pint niece and nephew twins, one mysterious lockbox, and bring to a boil--a recipe for romance.


Jack smiled sadly and shifted on the hard rock. “That’s when I really got to know Caroline. She gave me a job and helped me figure out up from down. I’m ashamed to say I sort of lost myself in the bottle. Knowing how much I’d disappoint Caroline if I didn’t show up to work the breakfast shift kept me from drinking until dawn. My dad’s a patient man, but after putting me to bed drunk a few times, he got fed up. So the next time it happened, he poured me a strong cup of coffee, shoved me in the car and brought me here. He marched me down the pier and pointed toward the sunrise.”

Jack lost himself in thoughts of a long ago morning, as Jem stared at the horizon, waiting for him to go on.

“Dad doesn’t talk much. It’s just his way. He shocked me that morning by stringing a whole lot of words together. Said his heart was breaking for me. What I was going through was breaking my mother’s heart, too. He told me it was time to move on with my life, not stay buried in what I couldn’t change. Dad told me each sunrise offers a new promise. As bad as yesterday was, there’s new opportunity, new hope every day. He told me I was the only roadblock to happiness. I shouldn’t let Tessa destroy my essence. Yep, my dad talked about my essence.” Jack chuckled; the memory of the moment still amazed him. “Said I deserved more than the next guy to wallow in the misery. But I’d be better off accepting the new chance each dawning sun provided.”

He turned to face Jem and put his finger under her chin, turning her face his direction. Cupping his hand over her cheek, he rubbed his thumb along the smooth skin he found there. He prayed she’d lift her head enough to let him press a kiss to her lips, but she remained still, her eyes searching his. “That sun, right there, is your new opportunity. If you stay unhappy for a few days, or even years, it’s okay. Tomorrow, and every day after, the sun will come back with the same offer. And one day, you’ll be ready to accept it.”

He dropped his hand to her shoulder and scooted closer to her, easing his arm around her. Jem didn’t shift away from him, but didn’t lean into his solid warmth, either. Her sigh was audible as she turned her face back toward the brilliant orange globe on the horizon. Side by side, they watched the new sun rising over the water, brightening the day first with a rosy glow, then a fiery glare that made them squint. Bathed in an otherworldly glow, Clooney played in the surf as the rising sun painted vivid colors on the sea and sky.

“Thank you,” Jem said softly as Clooney finally wore himself out and trotted back to Jack’s side.

Jack rubbed his hands across the dog’s wet coat, slicking water off his back. “You’re welcome.”

About the Author
Gemma's favorite desk accessories for many years were a circular wooden token, better known as a 'round tuit,' and a fortune from a fortune cookie that said she was a lover of words; some day she'd write a book. All it took was a transfer to the United Kingdom, the lovely English springtime, and a huge dose of homesickness to write her first novel. Once it was completed and sent off with a kiss even the rejections, addressed to 'Dear Author', were gratifying.

After returning to America, she spent a number of years as a copywriter, dedicating her skills to making insurance and the agents who sell them sound sexy. Eventually, her full-time job as a writer interfered with her desire to be a writer full-time and she left the world of financial products behind to pursue an avocation as a romance author.

Her gamble paid off when she was a 2012 Finalist in the prestigious Golden Pen contest for Romantic Suspense and she received contracts for her first and second book.

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Must have Chase in 6 DAYS! #SurrenderToTemptation #TheFitzgeraldFamily

Coming November 26th
Surrender To Temptation
The Fitzgerald Family #6

Waves of dark hair framed a face so
breathtaking he stared at her in shock
intelligent hazel eyes stared at him
with grim determination from
under thick, sooty lashes. But her eyes
and face weren't the reason he wanted
to curse his uncle to hell and back.
Her lips.
He was unapologetically a lips man,
and she had the kind that could drive
a man crazy imagining them on his body.
They were a pure work of art.
Pouty. Lush. Kissable. Heat shot
straight to his groin at his thoughts,
and he smothered a curse.
Where the hell was his self-control?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cuddle with Chase in 7 DAYS! #TheFitzgeraldFamily #SurrenderToTemptation

Coming November 26th
Surrender To Temptation
The Fitzgerald Family #6

"Someone might walk in on us."
"I don't care. I want to touch you. I need to touch you."
God, he made it so difficult to resist him.
She answered him by cupping his face and pulling his face to hers.  
She kissed him, showing him.  
He let her take charge for about five seconds 
then took over, ravishing her mouth, 
his tongue bold and commanding. 
His hand crept slowly down her thigh. 
The dress was no barrier to the heat from his hand.  
He reached the hem of her dress and touched her knee.  
Nikki sucked in her breath.  He slipped under her sundress.

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Sign Up | 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

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Let's have some fun!!!

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Blog Hop | Gratitude Giveaways @toobusyreading

 Title: Surrender To Temptation
Series: The Fitzgerald Family [Book 6]
Genre: Contemporary Romance
To Be Released:  Nov. 26, 2013
Hop Hosted by:  I Am A Reader, Not A Writer

“Uh, Mr. Fitzgerald, I believe there’s been a misunderstanding.”

Chase sucked in a breath as though someone had punched him in the solar plexus. He knew that voice. Deanna Marshal! Echoes of her screams, his inability to find her in the chaos that had followed the explosion still woke him up in cold sweat.

“Your uncle, Mo Fitzgerald, hired me on your behalf. He said I was expected.”

Of course, she couldn’t be Deanna. The last information he’d received from the hospital in L.A. said she was still in a coma. Who was this woman who talked like his sous chef? She had the same husky intonation with a slight southern accent. The difference was hers was suggestive, hypnotic. It washed over him in gentle waves and stroked his senses. Deanna’s voice never had this kind of effect on him.

Chase whipped off his glasses. The sudden light intensity made him squint, but his eyes adjusted fast to the dim light flowing into the foyer through the windows. She was definitely not Deanna, who was petite with strawberry blonde hair and a pixie face. This woman was tall, all curves and legs.

Waves of dark hair framed a face so breathtaking he stared at her in shock. Intelligent hazel eyes stared at him with grim determination from under thick, sooty lashes. But her eyes or face weren’t the reason he wanted to curse his uncle to hell and back.

Her lips.

He was an unapologetically lips man and she had the kind that could drive a man crazy imagining them on his body. They were pure work of art. Pouty. Lush. Kissable. Heat shot straight to his groin at his thoughts and he smothered a curse at his lack of control.

“Are you okay, Mr. Fitzgerald?” she asked with concern this time.

Blood was slow rushing back to his head. Of course, he was okay. She’d blindsided him by sounding like the woman who haunted his dreams and looking like every man’s wet dream.

“What are you?” Chase said with a voice devoid of emotion as he tried to fight the effect of her voice and the lure of her lips.

The corners of her mouth twitched until a smile spread across her lips. “Last time I checked, a woman,” she said and chuckled, the sound making the hairs on the back of his neck rise.

Time slow down as blood pounded past his ears. Hell. A woman had never turned him speechless with a smile. This woman had to go. She wasn’t just going to screw with his head, every male in his ranch was going to act like a dimwit around her and probably injure one of his priced mares. He used iron-clad will to control his responses to her.

“I meant, what do you do? Are you my assistant or a Playmate masquerading as a data analyst?”

Two (2) Winners!
One (1) Signed Paperback ARC of Surrender To Temptation [The Fitzgerald Family Series, #6]
One (1) $10.00 Amazon Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Goodreads Thursday | Eternal Lovers #SekhmetsGuardians by V.S. Nelson

Title:  Eternal Lovers
Author: V. S. Nelson
Series:  Sekhmet's Guardians [Book 1]

Genre:  Adult Paranormal Romance
Length:  446 Pages
Amazon Kindle / Amazon Paperback


Ancient Legends - New Worlds
Humans weren't the only ones to migrate to America...

When two hidden worlds collide near modern day Lake Michigan, Jennifer, a young Native American, is confronted with the reality not everything is as it seems and things do go bump in the night. The questions she has long since asked are answered in this epic tale of self discovery when she meets Gabriel; the director of Guardians Incorporated.

Born in New Tuat, Netchkhet, now known as Gabriel, came to Earth some five thousand years ago to protect the human race, Disillusioned because of an unfulfilled prophecy, he has become cold and distant - even from those of his kind. Secretly, he waits for his enemy to take his head so he may leave this world for good.

Can a tiny Selkie melt his hardened heart and restore his faith in a power far greater than himself? When history repeats itself, can he save her from death's embrace or will they be robbed of a future again?

Also look for Eternal Nights [Sekhmets Guardians, Book 2] by V. S. Nelson.

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Teaser Tuesday | Mine Until Dawn #TheFitzgeraldFamily

Title:  Mine Until Dawn
Series:  The Fitzgerald Family [Book 2]
Length:  315 Pages
Genre:  Contemporary Romance


His broad shoulders lifted and dropped. “No problem. You’re still planning on taking off tomorrow, aren’t you?”

In other words, he wanted her out of his way. She crossed her arms and glared at him. “Dana Point is only an hour’s drive from here, not the end of the world. We can easily meet everyday—”

“I’d prefer nights,” he cut in. “Talk shop between rounds of lovemaking or wait until we’re done at dawn. I’m game either way.”

Tingling heat raced across her skin. Done at dawn, and he didn’t even crack a smile. “You have a one-track mind.”

He shrugged. “I don’t like to play games when I go after something. I want you, Jade, and I have no intention of hiding it. Unless, of course, you have a problem with my saying it.”

How could she when he made her feel so feminine and sexy. No one ever had such an effect on her. On the other hand, he made it sound so unromantic, as though their coming together was only lust-driven. She didn’t know why the thought bothered her.

Jade picked up her fork and broke the remaining frittata on her plate into pieces. She glanced at Vince from the canopy of her lashes. He raised an eyebrow, obviously waiting for an answer.

“I don’t have a problem with you saying you want me, Vince.” I just need to get used to hearing it.

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Flash Friday | Mini Swag Pack Giveaway!

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Goodreads Thursday | Finding Faith #BlowHoleBoys by Tabatha Vargo

Title:  Finding Faith
Author:  Tabatha Vargo
Series:  Blow Hole Boys [Book 2]
Genre:  Contemporary Romance / New Adult Romance
Length:  418 Pages
Amazon Kindle / Amazon Paperback


A little FAITH can get you through…

One night. That’s all Finn had with the only girl he ever loved. Years later, all he has left of that night is a silver cross, a broken give a damn, and the unrelenting desire to drink her memory away. As the lead singer of Blow Hole, Finn has his pick of women, but none are able to squash the need he still carries around for Faith. To hate her offers some relief, but when Finn sees her again after so many years, it’s hard to despise her. Especially when every reason he had to hate her, turn out to be lies.

As the daughter of a strict Baptist preacher, Faith Warren lived sheltered from all things sinful. When she met Jimmy Finn, the epitome of all seven deadly sins, she found out exactly what she was missing. After being forced to choose between her soul and the only person in the world who made her feel alive, Faith walked away from Finn and dove head first into her father’s preferred life. But now Finn’s back and he’s getting payback by wreaking havoc on her emotions. Except sometimes bad things feel good, and Faith has to decide once again if she wants to stay in her gilded cage or fly free with the dark angel of lust himself.

***18+ Warning: this book contains some graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young adult readers.***
Playing Patience (Blow Hole Boys, #1)
Perfecting Patience (Blow Hole Boys, #1.5)