Thursday, May 24, 2012

Splash Into Summer!!! with books

Splash into summer with books and more books. Thanks to Kathy and Page Turners Blog for hosting this giveaway hop.

The hop goes from:
May 25th to 31st

2 lucky winners will get
1. Signed copies of my latest book, Dangerous Love (Faith Fitzgerald's story)

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Congrats, Jessica M.
You'll get a signed copy of Kiss Me Crazy and swags...woohoo

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Happy reading.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sinful Sirens: Give@way H. 0. P.

This is my first time doing a Hop with these wonderful ladies. Thank you, Under the covers, for holding this.

I write contemporary romance with suspense, chick lit, even sweet romance involving Fitzgerald men and the women crazy enough to tame them. But let's not forget their sassy sisters and cousin. Any man foolish enough to come near them have to deal with their men.

It's easy to fall under the spell of Fitzgerald men. They are charming, successful and not above bending the rules to get their way. Check out the trailers on the side.

The books are stand alone though it doesn't hurt to read them in alphabetical order:


First winner will get:

1. A Slow Burn T-shirt
2. A signed copy of Kiss Me Crazy

Now for the rules:

Follow me: It is simple

1. Follow my Blog and leave a comment
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3. On Twitter

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“Ah-mm, I have no problem with being nude.”  He turned until they were facing each other.  A quirky grin played on his sensuous lips.  “I just don’t strip for money.”
“I’ll do it for free, if I know the lady.”  Grey eyes twinkled above arched eyebrows.  “I don’t know you…yet.”  
She smothered a groan.  “Look. Dee told me you were a pro and pros know the rules.  No personal remarks or cheap come-ons.  And FYI, buddy, I’m not interested in you knowing me, I just want your body.”  The corner of his lips lifted and her cheeks warmed. “Uh, I mean I want to use it.”
When he crossed his arms and continued to grin, Ashley sighed.  “You know what I mean.  Be nice. Take off your shirt.”  She needed coffee, now.  Maybe she would offer him some later, if he behaved.  Right now, she was too bothered even to look at him.  Oh, and Dee was so dead for doing this to her.  Ashley turned and headed back toward the kitchen. 
“Who’s Dee?” Ron asked from behind her.
“What?”  Ashley stopped and spun around.  “Deirdre Packard, the owner of Dee’s Artistic Expressions.  Aren’t you the model she sent?”
“No.  I’m not a male model.”  He moved to stand in front of her, his eyes serious.  “I’m here to see you about an entirely different matter.  We spoke earlier…Ron Douglas.”
Ah, the sweet man with a dying grandmother.  Although ‘sweet’ wasn’t exactly what she’d dub him this up close and personal.  Arrogant came to mind, thinking he could waltz in here and lie to her.  Too handsome for his own good was another.