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Star Struck (Star Struck #1) by Amber Garza @ambermg1

Title: Star Struck
Author: Amber Garza
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: November 2013
Length: 308 pages
$ 2.99 To purchase e-book
Amazon | Goodreads



I don't go for bad boys, or rockers. And I don't believe in love at first sight. Until I see Beckett.
And things only get worse when I hear him sing. There is no one like him.

The problem is that he wants nothing to do with me. And I know I should stay away from him.It's the smart thing to do. Only when it comes to Beckett I don't want to do the smart thing.

He makes me want to take a risk. I just hope he decides to take a risk on me too.

* * * *

About the Author
Amber Garza is the author of Young Adult paranormal and contemporary romance. She has had a passion for writing since she was a little girl, making books out of notebook paper and staples. Amber lives in California with her amazing husband and two hilarious children who provide her with enough material to keep her writing for years.

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“I meant I won’t be able to stop—” #BaronFitzgerald #KissMeCrazy #EBWalters

Title:  Kiss Me Crazy
Series:  The Fitzgerald Family [Book 3]
Length:  245 Pages
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
$2.99 on Amazon


“I want our first time together to be perfect.” Baron waited for her to say something but Kara fell silent, her eyes serious, and her hands stopped their gentle exploration. The silence continued. Regret followed, and his face grew hot.

“I meant I won’t be able to stop—”

“Shh.” She placed her finger on his lips. “That was the sweetest and sexiest thing a man has ever said to me.”

Baron grinned. “Really?”

“Really. Now will you stop torturing me with small talk and kiss me.”

He dropped his head and claimed her mouth. Her lips opened under his, passionate and yielding, sweet and addictive. He slid his hand under the hem of her dress. Her skin was warm, smooth, and soft. What would it taste like? He hoped to find out tonight. She shivered, but his relentless hand kept moving upward, greedily stroking, and worshipping her curves, past the lacey edge of her thong to her silken belly.

He pulled away from the kiss, his breathing shallow. Kara slowly opened her eyes and the hunger in them sent a primal thrill through him. His eyes shifted to her dress.

“Take it off,” he commanded.

Confusion flashed in her eyes. “My dress?”

“Yes.” He shifted back to give her space and watched her bunch the hem of her dress then pull it over her head. Her mood shifted as she revealed a lacey black bra and matching skimpy lace thong. She dropped her head and her hair swung to hide her face. His baby was shy? He hoped to cure her of that soon but for now, no need to make her even more self-conscious by pointing out her wariness.

He reached behind her, deftly unhooked the bra and flung it aside. He stared at the contours of her breasts. Pure perfection, he wanted to say, but words failed him. The tips rose tight and pink against her skin, begging to be savored. He reached out and trailed his knuckles down her warm chest, over the taut nipples. She shivered and arched her back, her breathing short and choppy.

“I’ve often fantasized about these,” he told her softly, stroking and exploring the plump mounds, loving the way they filled his palms.

“They’re not drool-worthy.” Her voice shook with uncertainty.

“They’re perfect.”

Saturday, February 22, 2014

“ were worth the wait.” ~ #ChaseFitzgerald #SurrenderToTemptation #EBWalters

Title:  Surrender To Temptation
Series:  The Fitzgerald Family [Book 6]
Length:  262 Pages
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
$4.99 on Amazon


Chase was already in the dining room when Nikki walked in. He smiled, stood, and stepped from his chair. Oh my! He looked good enough to make a girl forget she had a plan. A plan that didn’t include drooling and ripping off his clothes.

He looked urbane in a white, button-down shirt and black pants. The cowboy boots were replaced by loafers. He’d shaved, and she had an insane urge to rub her cheek against his jaw.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Chase,” she said in a voice suddenly gone husky.

“I wasn’t sure whether to send a search party or come fetch you myself.” He gave her one of his heart-stopping smiles as he held a chair for her, and her neck grew warm. “But you were worth the wait.”

“Thank you.” She sat, shifted her glance to him, and caught him with his eyes closed as he inhaled. She knew he was appreciating her unique perfume.

“That’s an unusual scent,” he murmured.

“Thank you. It was a present, and I’m partial to it.” A gift from a perfume maker and a dear friend.

“It suits you.”

They were so close she could see the little imperfections on his skin. They added character to a face that would have been merely beautiful. “I’ll have to tell Deveraux. He worked tirelessly to catch my essence.”

Their eyes connected, and the moment stretched. His gaze left hers and moved lower to her lips. Her lips tingled as though he’d touched them. Nikki was sure he’d lean forward and kiss her. She wanted him to. Her lips parted, inviting him. His eyes, now heavy-lidded, lifted slowly to snare hers. Nikki didn’t look away.

“Deveraux?” Chase asked in a sinfully husky voice.

“A satisfied client with a nose for scents.”

“He caught your essence perfectly, exotic and sexy.”

Nikki loved the compliment. “I do believe you are flirting with me, cowboy.”

Chase grinned. “I’m happy you approve. Did I mention how amazing you look tonight?”

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland @ViKeeland

Title: Worth the Fight
Author: Vi Keeland
Genre: Romance
Released: September 2013
Length: 378 pages
$ 3.99 To purchase e-book
Amazon | Goodreads


**The New York Times & USA Today Bestseller**

It didn't matter that the ref called it a clean hit. Nico Hunter would never be the same.

Elle has a good life. A job she loves, a great apartment, and the guy she's been dating for more than two years is a catch and a half. But it's boring...and she strives to keep it that way. Too many emotions are dangerous. Her own past is living proof of what can happen when you lose control.

Then Nico walks into Elle's office and everything changes...for both of them. But what can the tattooed, hard-bodied MMA fighter and the beautiful and always steady attorney have in common? A lot more than they bargained for.

***Author's note*** THIS IS A STAND-ALONE NOVEL. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

* * * *
About the Author
Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn't change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work. She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting New York Times & USA Today Best Selling smut author by night!

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"...Wanted to rip this dress off you since you slipped it on.” ~ #VinceKnight #MineUntilDawn #FitzgeraldFamily #EBWalters

Title:  Mine Until Dawn
Series:  The Fitzgerald Family [Book 2]
Length:  315 Pages
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
$2.99 on Amazon


Vince lowered his head and gave her a gentle kiss, without urgency. Jade craved more heat, even if for just a few seconds. With his bruises, she was sure tonight’s plans were off. She slipped him her tongue and tasted his sweetness. He let out a hungry growl, slid his fingers through her hair, and accepted her invitation. The kiss that followed, hot and carnal, had her pulse dancing and jumping. He eased back, trailing his lips along her jaw to her ear.

“You taste wonderful.” His husky voice had an unsteady edge. “I can’t wait to sample every glorious inch of your body.”

A dizzying feeling washed over her at the promise in his voice. She cupped his cheek and peered at his face bathed by the security light outside his apartment.

“Vince, are you sure we, uh, should? I don’t want to aggravate your wounds?”

He laughed under his breath. “A few bruises are not stopping me from loving you, Jade Fitzgerald. Not tonight. I need you.” He reclaimed her mouth, again.

Her fingers dug into his arms and he shuddered. Had she pressed on a wound? She released him and wrenched her mouth from his. “Your arm…did I hurt you?”

He sighed and dropped his head to press their foreheads together. “No, you didn’t. That’s my body responding to you. Don’t be afraid to touch me, Jade. I couldn’t bear it.”

Part of her marveled that she could make a man as powerful and confident as Vince tremble with need. The other part, the insecure part, worried that she might not be able to please him.

He gave her cheek a light caress. “Come on. Let’s go inside.”

Jade was still catching her breath when he stepped out, rounded the SUV, and yanked open the passenger door. They hurried to his apartment. Once he opened the door, he pulled her inside, and pushed the door shut with his foot.

Vince flicked on the switch, then turned to watch her. His injured face sported a shiner, creating a pirate effect, leaving her breathless. Their intensity made her nervous and a little self-conscious. He blew out a breath and smiled, his adorable dimples flashing, making her mushy on the inside.

“I’ve waited so long for this. Wanted to rip this dress off you since you slipped it on.” He reached out a hand to trace the strap of her dress, stroke her cheek, moving down to press on the pulse beating furiously at the base of her neck. “So soft.”

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Happy Valentines Day - Pick 3 Giveaway! #FitzgeraldMen #ValentinesDay #EBWalters

Three of your favorite Fitzgerald Men are on the menu!  Who wants to know what's for desert?    

We have Chase Fitzgerald [Surrender To Temptation], Baron Fitzgerald [Kiss Me Crazy], Ron Noble [Slow Burn], Kenneth Lambert [Dangerous Love], Eddie Fitzgerald [Forever Hers] & last but not least Vince Knight [Mine Until Dawn]...  To have your choice of your three most favorite Fitzgerald Men via eBooks complete the tasks in the Rafflecopter Giveaway below!

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Book Blitz | Promises In The Dark by Princess McConnell @PrmTjm1981

Book Title: Promises In The Dark
Series: Secrets of the Mystic
Author: Princess Racena McConell
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Released:  November 17, 2013
Length:  345 Pages Print
Presented by: As You Wish Tours
Banner Made by: Julia Hendrix


What began as a casual dinner with friends quickly blossoms into a beautiful friendship for Rachel Adams and Derek Williamson. In time, it will develop into something much greater than either could have ever imagined. The pair have each had their share of tragedy and heartbreak that time has yet to heal. As their friendship evolves into something much more, Rachel begins to open up to the man she has fallen in love with about secrets that have consumed her life for so long.

Just when life seems to be opening up possibilities for the two of them, inexplicable and unsettling things start to happen. When these mysterious occurrences begin to invade their happiness, they are faced with the reality that they must find the truth about what haunts them. Will they survive as they uncover some of these long-kept secrets? Will the mystical forces that linked the lovers together so long ago be the same to destroy them in the end?

A Valentine's Date with Derek

Will you be mine? Is it possible to dream that I can have you in my heart forever?

If you will let me, I will love you beyond every realm you've ever imagined possible.

My lovely, when it comes to you, it's not about flowers, or candy, or romantic's so much more. It's about making you understand with my heart,my soul and my body what you are to me...and how you own me completely.

So I ask you again my love...will you be mine, not just for this day,but for eternity? I want this night to be the first night of forever for our love.

On Valentine’s Day, and everyday all I want is you…in my arms, and in my bed. I want to be inside of your head, inside of your heart, and more than anything…inside of you.

After I take your mind to another plane of ecstasy with my hot sweet kisses, I will drive your body wild with my magical fingers as you experience the hidden talents that a mystic man like me possesses.

I cannot wait to feel every depth of your hot, wet sweetness as you surround me. I want to taste your lips on my mouth, and when my lips travel to every part of your hot naked body; I want to hear you say my name again and again, as you beg me for more.

When I can’t resist you any longer and I thrust myself deep inside of you…baby you’ll hunger for all of me, you will be consumed by the mystical forces that are a part of me.

After I have loved your body and your soul, and after we have each found our sweet release over, and over...I will make sure I leave the imprint of my love in your heart forever.

My love is otherworldly, you will see.

You have never been loved by a man like me.

Book Links

Princess Racena McConnell( who has never and will never go by her first name) was born in Kings Mountain NC and now resides in the busy little town of Summerville SC with her husband of 32 years. She is the mother of 3 and grandmother to 4 with a 5th one on the way! "Promises In The Dark"; her debut novel—is part 1 of a story that has been in her mind for many years, and finally had to be told! She enjoys spending time with her family, and is so thankful they all live within 20 minutes! She also enjoys reading, writing and anything horror related. Her dream is to someday see her books splashed across silver screen!

Author Links

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First Prize: Promises In The Dark Signed Paperback & Set of Earrings
Second Prize: Promises In The Dark eBook & Set of Earrings
Third Prize: Promises In The Dark eBook & Signed Bookmark

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The Ultimate Betrayal (The Tucker Girls) by Lacey Leigh @ALaceyLeigh

Title: The Ultimate Betrayal
Author: Lacey Leigh
Genre: Romance
Released: January 2014
Length: 154 pages
$ .99 To purchase e-book
Amazon | Goodreads


Rainey lived with her father (Martin Tucker) and sister (Mariah Tucker) in a small po-dunk town in Alabama known as Covington. Her momma had been killed when she was seven years old.

Rainey fell in love with a wonderful man that treated her with respect and kindness. Everyone including her father was against their relationship at first because he was older than Rainey. They were happy together until she moved away to college. The case concerning her mother’s murder was reopened, and she was betrayed by the people she should have been able to trust above anyone else.

Does Rainey and Jake’s relationship survive all the pain and hurt? Will her mother’s murder be solved?
We will see…

* * * *
About the Author
Lacey Leigh is a stay at home mother of three. Her children are very active in school activities and keep her really busy but she still finds time to put her stories out there for everyone to enjoy.

Lacey's husband is medically retired from US ARMY. Though she hates that he had to leave the job he loved so much she is glad to have him home with her children and herself.

Lacey's books are written for ADULT audiences ONLY. All audiences are encouraged to read the warning in the front of the book BEFORE purchasing/reading any of Lacey's work. Lacey does NOT wish to offend ANYONE by her writing. She only wants to write for those who enjoy the work she does.

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“I want to make love to you right here, right now.” ~ #RonNoble #SlowBurn #FitzgeraldFamily #EBWalters

Title:  Slow Burn
Series:  The Fitzgerald Family [Book1]
Length:  290 Pages
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
$ .99 on Amazon


Like hell he was. It had been three long days since he touched her. The kitchen could wait. She couldn’t. “Not so fast, Hotshot.” She pulled his head and poured all her hunger and need in a single kiss. Within seconds, the atmosphere in the room changed.

His heart slamming in his chest, body heating, Ron sat back and pulled Ashley to him. Hearing her admit that she cared about him was headier than the best brandy he’d ever tasted. But when she’d planted herself between him and those cocked guns, his heart nearly stopped. He hadn’t known what to think or say. But right now wasn’t the time to analyze it. It would keep until later.

He palmed her cheeks to hold her head in place and took possession of her mouth. For three days, he had dreamt about this. Ron had pushed himself mentally at work and physically at the gym to the point of exhaustion, only to have her invade his dreams. If he’d thought that all he needed to get her out of his system was a good lay, he would have found release somewhere else. Right from the beginning, he’d known it was more than sex with Ashley. Known and fought it because he’d taken his mother and uncle’s way of life as the norm, never letting anyone get close. It was liberating to let go.

He gripped her head and plundered her mouth as he intended to do her body. Their heavy breathing, sighs and groans filled the room as their needs spiraled out of control. The desire to cherish and please clashed with the wild urge to conquer and claim. The former won hands down and he slowed to a languid pace. Nibbling, teasing and savoring. He intended to make up for the last three days.

Finally, he lifted his head, and whispered, “Are there surveillance cameras in this room?”

“Are you kidding?” she breathed out. “No audio either. Here or the one upstairs.”

He leaned back and glanced around. It was big by bathroom standards, but not in the same class as the one upstairs. He didn’t want her freaking out because of her claustrophobia. “I want to make love to you right here, right now.”

“Me too.”

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Blog Hop Sign Up ~ A Night by the Fire with Chase Fitzgerald @EB_Walters

Title: Surrender to Temptation
Author: E.B. Walters
Date: March 6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Time: 12AM - 8AM CST

After a tragic accident, Chef Chase Fitzgerald left his life in Los Angeles behind and moved to a ranch in Montana. He's convinced that all he needs to be happy are his horses, a few ranch hands and the Big Sky Country. Until one day, Nikki Savoy walks through his doors with her city clothes, sexy mouth, and a body designed to drive a man insane.

Nikki wants to know the truth about the accident that left her sister in a coma. Getting a job at Chase’s ranch is just the beginning. Throw in a crafty housekeeper, a cantankerous old cowboy, a few adorable horses, and an attraction that can’t be denied, and you have a recipe for disaster or romance. Will Nikki get her answers or will Chase offer her something better?

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  3. You may have your own spotlight/giveaway "so long as it is related to 'Romance' or book related."
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