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“ were worth the wait.” ~ #ChaseFitzgerald #SurrenderToTemptation #EBWalters

Title:  Surrender To Temptation
Series:  The Fitzgerald Family [Book 6]
Length:  262 Pages
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
$4.99 on Amazon


Chase was already in the dining room when Nikki walked in. He smiled, stood, and stepped from his chair. Oh my! He looked good enough to make a girl forget she had a plan. A plan that didn’t include drooling and ripping off his clothes.

He looked urbane in a white, button-down shirt and black pants. The cowboy boots were replaced by loafers. He’d shaved, and she had an insane urge to rub her cheek against his jaw.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Chase,” she said in a voice suddenly gone husky.

“I wasn’t sure whether to send a search party or come fetch you myself.” He gave her one of his heart-stopping smiles as he held a chair for her, and her neck grew warm. “But you were worth the wait.”

“Thank you.” She sat, shifted her glance to him, and caught him with his eyes closed as he inhaled. She knew he was appreciating her unique perfume.

“That’s an unusual scent,” he murmured.

“Thank you. It was a present, and I’m partial to it.” A gift from a perfume maker and a dear friend.

“It suits you.”

They were so close she could see the little imperfections on his skin. They added character to a face that would have been merely beautiful. “I’ll have to tell Deveraux. He worked tirelessly to catch my essence.”

Their eyes connected, and the moment stretched. His gaze left hers and moved lower to her lips. Her lips tingled as though he’d touched them. Nikki was sure he’d lean forward and kiss her. She wanted him to. Her lips parted, inviting him. His eyes, now heavy-lidded, lifted slowly to snare hers. Nikki didn’t look away.

“Deveraux?” Chase asked in a sinfully husky voice.

“A satisfied client with a nose for scents.”

“He caught your essence perfectly, exotic and sexy.”

Nikki loved the compliment. “I do believe you are flirting with me, cowboy.”

Chase grinned. “I’m happy you approve. Did I mention how amazing you look tonight?”

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