Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"...Wanted to rip this dress off you since you slipped it on.” ~ #VinceKnight #MineUntilDawn #FitzgeraldFamily #EBWalters

Title:  Mine Until Dawn
Series:  The Fitzgerald Family [Book 2]
Length:  315 Pages
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
$2.99 on Amazon


Vince lowered his head and gave her a gentle kiss, without urgency. Jade craved more heat, even if for just a few seconds. With his bruises, she was sure tonight’s plans were off. She slipped him her tongue and tasted his sweetness. He let out a hungry growl, slid his fingers through her hair, and accepted her invitation. The kiss that followed, hot and carnal, had her pulse dancing and jumping. He eased back, trailing his lips along her jaw to her ear.

“You taste wonderful.” His husky voice had an unsteady edge. “I can’t wait to sample every glorious inch of your body.”

A dizzying feeling washed over her at the promise in his voice. She cupped his cheek and peered at his face bathed by the security light outside his apartment.

“Vince, are you sure we, uh, should? I don’t want to aggravate your wounds?”

He laughed under his breath. “A few bruises are not stopping me from loving you, Jade Fitzgerald. Not tonight. I need you.” He reclaimed her mouth, again.

Her fingers dug into his arms and he shuddered. Had she pressed on a wound? She released him and wrenched her mouth from his. “Your arm…did I hurt you?”

He sighed and dropped his head to press their foreheads together. “No, you didn’t. That’s my body responding to you. Don’t be afraid to touch me, Jade. I couldn’t bear it.”

Part of her marveled that she could make a man as powerful and confident as Vince tremble with need. The other part, the insecure part, worried that she might not be able to please him.

He gave her cheek a light caress. “Come on. Let’s go inside.”

Jade was still catching her breath when he stepped out, rounded the SUV, and yanked open the passenger door. They hurried to his apartment. Once he opened the door, he pulled her inside, and pushed the door shut with his foot.

Vince flicked on the switch, then turned to watch her. His injured face sported a shiner, creating a pirate effect, leaving her breathless. Their intensity made her nervous and a little self-conscious. He blew out a breath and smiled, his adorable dimples flashing, making her mushy on the inside.

“I’ve waited so long for this. Wanted to rip this dress off you since you slipped it on.” He reached out a hand to trace the strap of her dress, stroke her cheek, moving down to press on the pulse beating furiously at the base of her neck. “So soft.”


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