Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Must have Chase in 6 DAYS! #SurrenderToTemptation #TheFitzgeraldFamily

Coming November 26th
Surrender To Temptation
The Fitzgerald Family #6

Waves of dark hair framed a face so
breathtaking he stared at her in shock
intelligent hazel eyes stared at him
with grim determination from
under thick, sooty lashes. But her eyes
and face weren't the reason he wanted
to curse his uncle to hell and back.
Her lips.
He was unapologetically a lips man,
and she had the kind that could drive
a man crazy imagining them on his body.
They were a pure work of art.
Pouty. Lush. Kissable. Heat shot
straight to his groin at his thoughts,
and he smothered a curse.
Where the hell was his self-control?

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