Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NANOWR Full Speed/5 stars reviews 4 FOREVER HERS @ednahwalters, #Fitzgerald, #mustread

I've learned to turn off my inner editor about 90% of the time when I fast draft. I tend to have a moment of clarity while in the middle of writing a scene then have to go back and add a little bit in the previous scenes and end up fixing a few more scenes here and there before my oops moment and go back to fast-drafting.

Anyone doing Nano?
How do you turn off your inner editor?

Just a quick update:

1. My critique group is speed-drafting for the Nano. I'm working on New Age paranormal romance, which is rather exciting. I'm halfway and plan to have it done by end of the month.

2.FOREVER HERS, Eddie's story is doing great and I couldn't be happier. The reviews are pouring in.

.... I have enjoyed all the Fitzgerald books to date and this was gifted to my by my daughter and I loved this story. The storyline is intriguing, fun, sexy and filled with action and some heartfelt moments....

... I started this at 2 am this morning - went to bed at 4am...and couldn't put it down! Eddie was just scrumptious - drop dead hotness, and sinfully sexy!...

...Eddie Fitzgerald's story is full of action, both romance and mystery. E.B. Walters is excellent in her story telling of this family and their loved ones....

3. Busy plotting Lex story in my head, which I'm determined to finish before Christmas. Poor Chase will have to wait before he causes mayhem. Love the Fitzgeralds!!!!!

4. Four more days before my contest on Goodreads is over, so click on the link on my blog banner and enter to win a signed copy of FOREVER HERS...

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