Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Excerpt 1 from FOREVER HERS by E. B. Walters

Five days to go before the release of FOREVER HERS, book #5 of the Fitzgerald Family series.

RELEASE DATE: October 15th.

“Have you thought of taking self-defense lessons?” he asked.

Amy rolled her eyes. “I’m too small to pit my strength against a grown man. The Glock will have to do.”
“When you say a grown man, are you talking about someone my size?”
“Shorter,” Amy said without looking at him, scooped more oatmeal and placed it in her mouth. “And not so perfectly proportional,” she added softly.
Eddie grinned at the veiled compliment. “Are you saying I have a perfect body?”
She threw him a disgusted look. “Perfectly proportional. Not the same thing. And you don’t need compliments from me. I’m sure you hear them all the time. Even Lauren called first dibs when she saw you shirtless.”
He couldn’t have possibly heard that right. “First dibs?”
She shrugged then sipped her orange juice. “Breakfast was great, thank you.”
“The two of you discussed me?” The thought pleased him.
“You were parading half naked in front of the whole lake front community. So why did you bring up self-defense?”

“Because I plan to teach you a few moves. If you can take me down, you can take down anyone. I wasn’t parading.”

“Me? Take you down?”
“Without breaking a sweat.”
She sized him up, her gaze running up his arms, across his chest before returning to his face. Her cheeks reddened for some reason. “I appreciate your confidence in me, but I think I’ll pass. I have my gun. That’s enough for me. And yes, you were strutting your stuff, Fitzgerald. No one removes their T-shirt the way you did, in slow motion. Then you flexed your muscles.” His orange juice went the wrong way and she had the gall to get up and thump his back. “Are you okay?”
“I did not…” Her grin said she was screwing with him.  “Forget it.”