Thursday, October 3, 2013

SURRENDER TO TEMPTATION (book 6) of the FITZGERALDS by E. B. Walters @ednahwalters

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An unedited excerpt from SURRENDER TO TEMPTATION (Chase Fitzgerald's story):

Nikki stepped inside the foyer, her grip tightening on her computer bag. Weston gently closed the door behind her. A short, older woman with a round figure, large bosom and gray hair came down the stairs. She carried a wicker hamper under one arm. Must be Mrs. B.
She smiled in Nikki’s direction, but stopped a few steps above Fitzgerald so they were on eye-level and asked, “She’s staying?”
Fitzgerald shook his head. “No, she’s not.”
“Why?” Mrs. B asked, voice rising in exasperation.
His eyebrows shot up above the sunglasses. “Because I say so.”
The housekeeper dismissed his words with a wave of her hand. “Jibber-jabber, googly goop. You need her and you know it.” She wagged her finger in his face. “You’re just being impossible.”
Nikki couldn’t agree more.
“But I know what’s best for this ranch.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss on her temple. “Now go.”
She shook her head. “If you think turning on the charm will make me—”
“I’m done discussing this with you, Mrs. B,” he added in a hard voice, his face a few inches from hers. “Go.”
She humphed and walked to where Nikki’s stood and offered her hand. “Welcome to Eagles Hill, Ms. Savoy.” She didn’t give Nikki a chance to respond before she waved to the foreman. “Come along, Weston. There’s no reasoning with him when he’s in one of his moods.”
“I will be fixin’ the south fence if you need me, boss,” Weston said as he followed the woman.
“No,” Fitzgerald said in a firm voice. “Leave the fence for tomorrow and wait in the kitchen until I’m done with Ms. Savoy. You two have a long drive ahead of you.”
Nikki’s heart dropped. He really meant to send her away. She had to find a way to convince him to let her stay.  Too much was at stake.


  1. Wow, Can't wait, can't wait!! Will she break his outer shell?

  2. Well I guess I will be reading the other five books. That way I can be reasonably sure I can wait until this one comes out! LOL

    1. LOL, you'd better, hun. Chase was the playboy of the family

  3. So can't wait for Chase! Love these books!

  4. Sent mine twice! Put the wrong Blog address the first time! I need forbidden reviews not BCM love!! THANK YOU!!!!!