Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dream Doctor” by @JJDiBenedetto – New Audiobook Release!

Audiobooks are so in. Anyone who's enjoyed my books and keep in touch with me know that all of my Fitzgerald books are now available on audiobook and can be bought from Amazon and Audible

Now for the fun part: Let's welcome author James DiBenedetto to my blog.

The second book in the Dream Series has just been released as an Audible audiobook.
Dream Doctor” continues the story of Sara Alderson (nee Barnes), a young woman who’s quite ordinary – except for her ability to step into other people’s dreams.
When we catch up to Sara in “Dream Doctor,” it’s the morning of her wedding to her college sweetheart, and she’s also about to begin medical school. And then the dreams start up again. Night after night, she visits the dreams of several different people, who all have one thing in common: they’re all dreaming about the death of Dr. Abraham Morris, the least popular teacher in the medical school. And then Dr. Morris falls ill, and the symptoms look suspiciously like poison – and Sara is the only one who can figure out who might be doing it, how, and stop them before they finish Dr. Morris off. 
Dream Doctor,” and the Dream Series generally, combines romance, humor, suspense and plenty of heart. 
 “Dream Doctor” is available at: Amazon

The first book in the series, “Dream Student” is also an Audible audiobook
Samples from both audiobooks, as well as the forthcoming third book in the series, “Dream Child,” can be heard HERE
And the entire series is available both in Kindle format and in paperback on Amazon.

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