Friday, June 7, 2013

GO #TEAMTORIN #YACrushTourney: Torin, Blue-eyed, Harley-riding, Leather-jacket-wearing Bad Boy from Runes by @yaednah_walters

The YA Crush Tourney is getting ready to start its first round of voting.  Catie, my awesome blog friend/fan/publicist @ Forbidden Passions Reviews is the official advocate for Torin St. James, the blue eyed, heart breaker from Runes, my new YA paranormal romance series.

Way to go, Catie!!!!

If you haven't read Runes, you're missing out on this delicious piece of man candy!  If Torin were real flesh and blood there would hair pulling, stiletto stabbing, clothes ripping riots in every city he visited. 

Catie is looking for Street Team members to help out so if you are interested, here is your assignment if you choose to accept it:

1) Change your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, whatever, avatar into the cover of Runes OR the button up top.

2) TWEET #TEAMTORIN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN and rally your followers! 

3) If you have a blog, repost this or write a post on why you love Torin(so not hard to do) and all your favorite Torin quotes on the 16th.  He battles on the 17th, so be sure to mention that too!

4) Put the button for Team Torin all over the internet. 

I'm going to be giving away some swags in appreciation for all the love Torin gets.  So stay tuned for a giveaway in the near future.
Make sure you visit the Runes blog for all kinds of updates, memes and all around cool stuff. 

Now come on peeps!  Let's get this newbie his first YA Crush Tourney champion title!!

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