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Week 2 of the giveaway is here...woo-hoo. Just a reminder, these giveaways will will run every week until end of October and beyond because Thanksgiving is around the corner. Thanks for your support as always.

This time again, we will have several winners:

1st prize: A signed copy of Mine Until Dawn (MUD) and MUD mug
2 prize: A signed copy of MUD
3 prize. Slow Burn Mug.
4 prize: Kiss Me Crazy Mug


1.  Post your name below.

2. If you make the effort to spread the word about the FITZGERALD FAMILY series (FB, Tweet, blog, GR), I'll appreciate that, so leave your links in your post.

Contest is International (I've sent mugs abroad and they didn't break, so here's hoping)
Giveaway ends Saturday night.
Winner will be announced on Sunday, when another giveaway starts.

As per this month's giveaway, I leave you with a scene from MINE UNTIL DAWN. Between us, I love all my heroines, but Jade had a special place in my heart. Not only did she have an illness she managed to control through sheer will, she wasn't your typical heroine size-wise. You could say she was a perfect 12. Isn't that the normal size for a woman? Yeah, yeah, I know, normal is relative, but I'm a 12 and I say I'm normal.  Enjoy this scene:


“What’s it going to be, Vince?” Jade asked, interrupting his thoughts, daring him with her flashing eyes.
Short of keeping her in her office until he got what he wanted, he had no choice but to give in. Clenching his teeth, Vince stepped out of her office and turned to watch her. Her seductive, hip-swaying gait sent heat straight to his groin. He shifted his gaze away from her body.
“I’m not going anywhere without knowing your mother’s whereabouts, Jade.”
“Really?” She tossed her abundant mahogany hair and shot him a disdainful look. “How do you propose to get that information? What are you anyway? A cop? P.I.?” Without waiting for an answer, she turned her back to him and locked her office door. When she started down the hall, he fell in step with her.
It rankled she’d challenged him. Surprised him how she ignored him with such ease too. Women never ignored him. He slid a sideway glance her way. Her hazel eyes were fixed ahead, her lush lips set in an uncompromising pout, pert nose and determined chin stuck in the air.
The changes in her were amazing. The extra weight in high school had melted away in just the right places. Now the generous hips and rounded ass, tiny waist and well-sized breasts demanded a man’s attention. Her creamy skin still glowed with vitality and invited one’s touch.
Unfortunately, they weren’t in high school anymore and this sexy and aloof woman wasn’t the girl he felt he had something in common with. Not that it did him any good then. After their first meeting, she’d made a point of staying out of his way and snubbing him the few times their paths crossed. That had bugged him, an amazing feat for a kid already hauling a bucket load of hurt. It hadn’t mattered that the Fitzgerald practically ran the school—captain of the basketball team, head cheerleader, student council members, school newspaper. They were many, over-achievers and loaded, yet something about Jade had made her stand out called to him. Vince shoved his hands into his back pants pockets and scolded himself for deviating from his agenda.
“We need to talk.” Frustration made his voice harsh.
Jade didn’t respond. He took a swift breath of irritation and the scent of whatever else she smeared on her delectable body hit his lungs, causing him to swallow with difficulty.
“I’ll still be here after your class ends,” he added.
“You’ll be wasting your time. I’ve a busy schedule.” 
“Then meet me tonight,” he heard himself say.
She stopped walking and turned to face him. “We have nothing to discuss, Vince. The person you need to speak with is my mother. You need to look her in the eye and tell her what you just told me. I’ll call her assistant at Fitz-Valdes to find a slot for you as soon as she comes back.” She turned and lifted her hand to push the door open.
Before he could question his intention, Vince shifted and slapped his hand on the doorframe, blocking her entrance.



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