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My birthday is on October 18th and to celebrate, I plan on having giveaways all month long, starting today. This is me saying THANK YOU to you, my wonderful supporters, and urging you to keep reading .

I'll be participating in a Halloween Blog Hop later this month, but until then some lucky reader with get some fun goodies. We are also celebrating the release of KISS ME CRAZY, which came out last week...woohoo.

First, I found out that my editor forgot to remove Betrayed in the footer of MINE UNTIL DAWN, so I have a few of these books lying around. Instead of throwing them away, I've decided to pass them on to you.

2 winners will get these signed copies of MINE UNTIL DAWN, bookmarks and bookbag

TO ENTER:1.  Post your name below.

2. If you make the effort to spread the word about the FITZGERALD FAMILY series (FB, Tweet, blog, GR), I'll appreciate that, so leave your links in your post.

more surprise wins (wink...wink...)

Contest is International
Giveaway ends Saturday night.
Winner will be announced on Sunday, and on Monday, another giveaway.

Woohoo, wouldn't write without you.

Here's a scene from MINE UNTIL DAWN, showing our hero at his best.


Something warm and velvety pressed against her cheek and a steady rhythm teased her ear. She inhaled. Hmm, masculine and tangy. She turned her head and buried her nose in…Vince’s neck. She opened her eyes and blinked, heat suffusing her face. Vince was carrying her toward an apartment. That was the second time tonight he’d cradled her so tenderly in his arms. It felt wonderful.             
“Vince,” she murmured.
“Go back to sleep.”
“You shouldn’t be carrying me,” she protested although she made no attempt to get down. They entered a sparsely furnished living room, illuminated by one lamp on a side-table, then went down a hallway.
“I don’t mind.”
“But I’m so, uh, so heavy.”
He chuckled, his arms tightening around her thighs. “You’re perfect.”
He pushed a door with his foot and walked into a bedroom. A lamp on a side-bed table lit the room and a King-size bed. Vince must have come in to turn it on before he went back for her. He set her on the bed and squatted beside it. A dimple winked at her.
“Built like a woman is supposed to be,” he added and ran his knuckles along her Capri-clad hip and down her legs.
Her skin tingled and the flush of heat quickly spread to the rest of her body. A need so primal stretched and expanded inside her, clenching her stomach and making her nerves quiver. It pulsed hot and bright, like nothing she’d ever experienced before. Yet she recognized it in the smoldering desire in his eyes. When his hand landed on her ankle, she jerked away.
“What are you doing?” Her voice quivered.
“Removing your shoes.”
Where had he been all her life? His seductive charm was potent. If she weren’t careful, she would fall in love with him.
“Thanks, but I think I can manage,” Jade managed to stammer. Now please, go away, she wanted to beg him. She couldn’t think coherently with him so close. “Where are my things?”
Vince studied her for a beat, then brushed his knuckles on her cheek. “Right behind you.”
Flushing, she turned her head and spied the plastic bag. During the ride from her place to Vince’s hotel, Eddie had stopped by a superstore for her to pick a few things. She pressed her heated face on her knees and shot Vince a look from the corner of her eye. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome.” He straightened, taking his time and making her aware he didn’t want to leave her yet. He pointed to a door leading from the bedroom he’d given her. “The bathroom is through there. Should you need anything, I’ll be one door to your left.
She nodded. “I hope I didn’t kick you out of the master bedroom.”
“If I said you did, would you let me stay with you tonight?” he teased.
Jade swallowed at the tempting possibility. She licked her lips, tried to think up a response and came up dry.
“That’s okay,” Vince answered for her. “Bad-timing. I’ll see you later. Rest.”
Jade nodded and waited until he left the room before she covered her burning cheeks with her hands. This was bad. Every time she thought she knew him, he showed her a new facet. He had depth and a generous heart, and he was sexy as hell. How was she going to sleep knowing he was a few feet away, desiring her?



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