Saturday, October 25, 2014



SLOW BURN is FREE on iBooks (Amazon and B&N are behind times on this, but I'll post the link and if you guys can ask Amazon to price match, they will).

If you haven't started this series, you don't know what you're missing. The books are in contemporary settings, The Fitzgeralds are full of hot, flawed guys who are protective of the women they love . Just remember to post a review (Pretty Please)

Meanwhile, please spread the word about the boxed set of the first three Fitzgerald books.

Only$0.99: Boxed set of the first three Books of the Fitzgerald Family Series

Discover the sexy bestselling Fitzgerald series by E. B. Walters

This boxed set contains three full-length, stand-alone novels:

SLOW BURN: Ashley Fitzgerald and Ron Noble's story
MINE UNTIL DAWN: Jade Fitzgerald and Vince Knight's story
KISS ME CRAZY: Baron Fitzgerald and Kara Michaels

Dangerously handsome millionaire playboy Ron Noble is hiding a deadly secret. Now someone else knows it and is leaving him clues, which leads him straight to Ashley Fitzgerald, the woman who has every reason to hate him and his family.

Gorgeous, but damaged millionaire and gallery owner Baron Fitzgerald plays by his own rules. He is unstoppable when he wants something and he always wins. Always. When his most valuable employee decides to quit, he offers her everything to make her stay, including a week in his bed at a secluded cottage. But his offer is just the beginning.

Arrogant investigative reporter Vince Knight lives dangerously. In fact, he craves danger and trouble always finds him. When he goes in search of a missing artifact, he finds a priceless gem—a woman he can’t have. Or can he?



DANGEORUS LOVE (Book Four): Faith Fitzgerald's story
FOREVER HERS (Book Five): Eddie Fitzgerald's story
SURRENDER TO TEMPTATION (Book Six): Chase Fitzgerald's story
IMPULSIVE DESIRE (Book Seven-coming late 2014): Lex Fitzgerald's story

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