Tuesday, March 4, 2014

“You feel so amazing...” ~ #KennethLambert #DangerousLove #EBWalters

Title:  Dangerous Love
Series:  The Fitzgerald Family [Book 4]
Length:  277 Pages
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
$2.99 on Amazon


She was in deep trouble with this man, but for once, she didn’t care. She sat up and kissed him, showing him with her hands and lips how much he meant to her. She pulled him on top of her, legs tangled, his face coming to rest on her breast. She shimmied along his sweat-drenched body and covered his mouth with hers in a searing kiss. At the same time, her hand closed around his massive erection and guided him to her entrance.

He broke off the kiss, reared his back and hissed with pleasure as they joined, their gazes locked. Every moment was like the first time, her sheath adjusting to his size, to the heavy intrusion.

“You feel so amazing,” he ground out.

“Then you’re going to enjoy this.” She wrapped her arms around him and rolled with him, almost landing them on the floor. A chuckle rumbled through his chest.

She’d surprised him, but then again, that was his Faith. Unpredictable. Impossible. He’d wondered when she’d get tired of letting him have the upper hand and switch roles.

“You’re mine now, Kenneth Lambert,” she said and started riding him.

“Willingly,” he ground out.

“Say it,” she repeated his previous command.

She was perfect. Amazing. “I’m yours.”

She splayed her hands on his taut stomach, rose up his shaft and sank down. A sheen of moisture dotted her skin, her breasts bouncing with each move. He reached up to cup her breasts, but she wasn’t having any of it.

“No touching.” She clasped his wrist, pushed up his arms above his head and paused to kiss him. “It’s my turn to please you now. Lay back and enjoy the ride.”


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