Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meet Eddie Fitzgerald: Hero from #ForeverHers #FitzgeraldFamily series @ednahwalters

Want to know what the hero of FOREVER HERS really thinks about romance, sex, love and marriage? You’re in luck!!!

It’s me, EBW, and I’m expecting Eddie Fitzgerald and to be honest, I’m a bit nervous. I have a soft spot of Eddie. The last time I saw Eddie he’d just gotten married. I hope he’s still blissfully happy.

The sound of a powerful engine rumbles outside, then he’s standing in my doorway. Sheesh, I’d forgotten how tall and absolutely breathtaking he was. And those gray eyes could be so unnerving when narrowed on you. Not sure whether to hug him or not, I offer him my hand. He grasps it, then glances around my humble office before focusing on me again. I sense impatience, but I’m not surprised. That’s just Eddie...unpredictable, always on the move.

EBW: Please, have a seat.

I wish I didn’t put both chairs so close together. Our knees were almost touching. I was tempted to move closer. Eddie always had that effect on me.

EBW: Let’s start things off with the question we all want the answer to: is marriage worth it?

EDDIE *chuckles*: With the right woman, absolutely.

EBW: is the sex better?

Eddie *laughs outright*: Sex is not supposed to be better. It’s supposed to be hot, wicked and mind-blowing every time.

EBW *still staring in bemusement at this new Eddie...laughing Eddie...what happened to my brooder*: So when in bed with a woman, you like her to act wicked.

Eddie: I worship everything that makes a woman unique.  She can be anything she wants to be, free to explore, experiment. She can be bad, naughty, kinky. There are no rules in my bed. Once I learn what pleases her, I take control and make every second count.

EBW.: Is that why Amy fall in love with you? Because of how good you are in bed?

Eddie *leans back against his seat and gives me a slow perusal that sends my pressure up…I cross and uncross my leg*: What do you think?

EBW: I think you’re a man who knows what his woman wants and delivers it.

Eddie *chuckles again*: I listen to her both in and out of bed, and support her in everything she does. Every time she’s in my arms, I discover something new and enthralling about her and I let her know it. It doesn’t hurt that she’s just as fascinated by...me. I am exceptionally well-endowed.

EBW *squirms and refuses to glance at his crotch*: Do you think size matters?

Eddie *cocks his eyebrows*: Do you?

EBW: I’m the one asking questions here? Does size matter?

Eddie *grins*: Ask Amy.

EBW *sighs*: You’re impossible man. What’s the sexiest thing she’s ever done to you?

Eddie: Whenever she shows me that she wants me. That’s sexy. It might be a glance at a party, a stolen kiss at a family gathering or a touch as we tuck Raelynn in bed.

EBW: When do you have time to be alone since you have Raelynn?

Eddie: My cousins adore Raelynn and most Saturdays, they take turns playing host and hostess to all the Fitzgerald grandchildren. When it’s our turn, my mother takes care of them because according to her, we’re still honeymooning. We get the house to ourselves and hold nothing back. Amy is a screamer.

EBW *fans herself*: What makes you weak with desire?

Eddie: A woman who appreciates her sensuality. The sounds she makes when we touch, the way she rips my clothes off just so she can touch me.

EBW: Do you love quickies?

Eddie *laughs*: Have you met my wife? Quickies have no place in our marriage. Nothing heightens our appetite like delayed gratification. The best sex is slow, savored.

E.B.W.: What advise can you give women?

Eddie: Don’t be ashamed to show a man you want him and let him know how you want it. It is not a sign of weakness. There’s strength in knowing what pleases you and nothing turns a man on like a woman who knows what she wants.

E.B.W.: About family. Are you two planning on having a baby soon?

Eddie *checks his cell phone and smiles*: We have Raelynn although she's started asking for a brother because 'everyone has one.' She'll have to wait for year or two. You know that today is Saturday?

EBW: Yes.

Eddie *stands up*: Raelynn is at Baron’s and that phone call was from Amy.

I escort him to the door, watch him as he takes off as though an invisible threat was pulling him to her. Lucky Amy. Sighing, I closed the door behind him and plopped on the chair. I want my Eddie.


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  1. That was hot. I love character interviews and this is exactly why. Now I want to read Eddie's story. I can see why you want him. Great post.